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Ингви Мальмстин является одним из самых известных в мире гитарных виртуозов, совмещающих высокую...

Rising Force

Out of the darkness the voices are calling

Riding the wings of a song

The Fury is screaming and Heaven is falling

I feel it coming on strong.

The lightning strikes cracking the night

It feels like never before

Thunder and sparks in the Heart of the Dark

I hear a Rising Force.

Searching my soul I find something else

I take my life in my hands

From the gates of Heaven to the altars of Hell

The Power is at my command.

The lightning strikes cracking the night

I'm not the same anymore

Thunder and spark in the Heart of the Dark

I feel a Rising Force.

Burned by the glory of a sacred fire

A Rising Force starts to shine

Alone in the inferno it soars ever higher

Leaving the demons behind.

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