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Последний альбом Мальмстина "Perpetual Flame", выпущенный в октябре прошлого года не мог иметь...


And now the end begins

The world is dying from within

But the game is still the same

Just different players

To fuel the flames

Now is the time to shed our skin

And we must repent our sins

It's a revolution


It's been brewing much too long

As a new age dawns

It's a phenomenon

In the calm before the storm

Our spirits must be free to roam

Out of chaos we will rise

There's no time for compromise, no!

It's a revolution


In this relentless quest

There's no time to lose

We must pass the test

We will wield this power

And win this battle

In our finest hour

Then your death will be glorious

As we stand victorious

It's a revolution




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