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Меня предупреждали, что Yngwie Malmsteen не всегда самый приятный собеседник, что в прошлом с ним...

Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)

You always hypnotized

But now I realize

That I have been drinking with the devil

Well, I must lift this curse

It went from bad to worse

My over flowing cup is filled again

It's so hard to tell you no

"My friend let's have another"


Why do you tempt me so?

Be gone you bottled demon

Be gone!!!

I've seen the darkness visions

Inside my lonely prison

You show no mercy, you're my nemesis

Well, I'll take the consequence

My bleeding soul will mend

Now I have saved myself from myself

I'm never giving up

I'm delivered from this evil

You'll lose and I will win

So say my revelation

Because you lied

I almost died

But I know you well

So go back to hell

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