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Меня предупреждали, что Yngwie Malmsteen не всегда самый приятный собеседник, что в прошлом с ним...

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Step inside the dream machine

You're on a power drive

Feel the passion of the beast

Watch her come alive.

Oh-– you're almost there, ride on silver air

You better hold on tight-– she's fire in the night.

Faster than the speed of light

Hugging all the curves

Hang on to your life

Faster than the speed of light

Supercharged and flying low

She's liquid dynamite.

Got your hands upon the wheel

The pedal to the floor

Now it's time for nerves of steel

Hear the engine roar.

Oh-– you shoot the thrill-– heading for the kill

No control tonight-– she's liquid dynamite.

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