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Шведский гитарный герой Ингви Мальмстин впервые стал известен широкой публике благодаря публикации...


No longer I roam on the shores that I love

The ship that I am sailing is lost at sea

Lord knows I long for the blue skies above

You know, home is where the heart is

Why can't you see?

But now they are asking questions

So be careful for what you say

"Step into room sixteen, sir"

Please come right this way

Because you are in exile

Exile no!

I cannot believe they are wasting my time

Please tell me what is happening

Cause I don't have a clue

It's so hard to conceive that I'm still

Standing in line

I'm feeling so lonely, I could cry the blues

But then there is a ray of hope somewhere

At least that's what they always say

Again "step into room sixteen, sir"

Because you are in exile

Exile no!

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