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Ингви Мальмстин был самым спорным — и одним из самых влиятельных — гитаристов, стоявших у руля в 80...

Enemy Within

Divide & conquer

It always seems to work

There is no wonder

We cannot lift the curse

When the sun rises

In the east

They have all begun

Worshipping the beast

We must see

The true enemy

The wolves are at the door

Can't you see

Those evil minds Hypnotize

The enemy is within

The enemy is within

Do or die

This battle can't be lost

Well burn the sky

No matter what the cost

We have been deceived

The kingdom has lost its crown

I can't believe

The madness all around

Now we must lift the curse

Its gone from bad to worse

Evil minds hypnotize

The enemy within

The enemy within

We must see the true enemy

Wolves are at the door

Can't you see

The enemy within

The enemy within

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