Critical Mass

The eye in the sky

Its watching you

You must tread easily

And break no rules

We are the victims

We are falling prey

And now the world is turning grey

In your ship, your sinking fast

It's reaching critical mass

Gaze into the future

You and me

California will fall into the sea

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Too many lives

Too many lies

Our destiny seems dark indeed

We'll turn into stone

Were paralyzed

The devil is laughing now

With pride

In your ship your sinking fast

It's reaching critical mass

Now we must obey

The spell that has been cast

There's no time to waste

It will not last

Critical mass

Critical Mass

Now hear the words

From the wise

You draw first blood

You're hypnotized

An avalanche comes down on you

You never had a chance, my lord its true

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

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