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Последний альбом Мальмстина "Perpetual Flame", выпущенный в октябре прошлого года не мог иметь...

Angel In Heat

(Japan Bonus Track)

You drive me crazy, out of my mind

You really do it to me, you're one of a kind

You sucked me in like a magnet, now I'm addicted to you

I'm always ready, ready for you

You turned me on, you make me explode

Too much is never enough

With ecstasy you'll give it to me

Too much is never enough

You taste so sweet, baby

Angel in heat

You're so sweat

Angel in heat

The way you do it to me, the way you use your lips

You make me scream n' we go down for another trip

Never ending feeling the way it must be

Our desire brings us higher

I know you love it n' I love it too

You give it to me n' I give it to you

Keep on, keep on, never stop

Let's go over the top

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